Thursday, 11 September 2014

The night watch man!!!

Woo!im back for a while!anyways,i reveal that my exams arent over so...not soo much blogging tho!:( but lets still chat?
So, now im watching a new DRAMA!!!its...deng!deng!deng...

So, lets say...its a good drama soo far...
Jung II Woo
Go Sung Hee
Jung Yoon Ho
Seo Ye Ji

A fantasy drama about Rin a supposed crown prince who was tore down his place by some evil people.He masks his sadness by smiling while Do Ha a girl from the mountains come down to find her long lost sister who apparently was lost for 12 yrs if im not wrong!Rin and Do Ha are able to see ghosts and Do Ha can also talk to nature:)The twosome brush off one another as Rin learns to become a good prince through the people near him....

Feelings about the drama which have not end:
Hmm...this is tough!Well,i like the storyline but there are some like not so good things that i should point out(the good is more than bad,luckily!:)

  • The amount of romantic scenes are pretty less,i cant really seem to know why she liked him and stuff.
  • Some-hey,wait a sec...wait wha???parts.Like err who's that ghost girl?or that dunno guy who is the blacksmith(in think so!XP) its a little confusing!!!
  • Rin is a pervert(ok, a little,ok!!!)What the...thats what u think but lets review what he said in the previous eps!                                                  1.he holds Do Ha's hands and was like:wait a bit...can we stay like this?                                                                                        2.when Do Ha holds his hands,he grabbed her and said:its warm?!?Ok fine,im know its sad to be totally pointed the sword in your face by father but...but!!!GOSH!im *faints 
  • the supposed love triangle.yes, it was quite good until after like ep 10 or something,i seem to 4get that the other guard likes her
  • CHEESY EFFECTS!!!the moon tahty embraces the sun had cheesy effects when yeon woo was cursed but this?err nurrrr...the effects were really bad like not that i like picking but err...
BUT!The drama is GREAT SO FAR!!!!i tell all of you,shut the complaining(like me) and support our hottie Jung Woo oppa!:)

Mallowyay(aka dramarama!)


  1. Wow!i would like to watch it:)ps i have almost the same nicknamr as u!dramarama:)ohh!:) happy blogging!(ps happy 4 ur first 130 views!!!