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The night watchman ep 24 recap

okay.i have to apologise,no dumb com is mad.
So,we close in to the ep 23 end ,duh.we see doha hanging there,with night watchman team in weird outfits. what is that material?!?turtle skin?what about the yellow stuff?feels like shaman stuff.

We see fights n kisan, that coward running escaping.that stupid king.Rin gets...STABBED?!?like after he asked moo suk to protect doha. and stabbed by who?moo suk.WAIT what?is this some sort of revenge since doha can't be urs?or...?! im not doubting u,just weirded out.why?

So, we see Rin in wherever-this-fire-place-with-tree-from-ep1.okay... Make a guess,is this hell?or something?maybe a barrier?Turns out Rin got it planned out long time ago.Moo suk must stab Rin with that 4 tiger sword so that special sword can cast some spell to send Rin to hell or nether or whatever u call it place.oh,n his body is still under care of the 3 ghosts.Btw, Rin's spirit can return to his body if that evil dragon is killed or not his soul will be lost 4ever. hmm,okay? Rin has difficulty killing evil black smoke flying around thingies but i guess he should make it,this will be a happy ending right?

Good thing we see undercover Rang who is actually Rin's mommy holding Rin's hand which practically glows family book?Doha is being chased by the Yongshin serpent,n runs until she stops.okay run?!?!do u want to be a damn offering?Boom. serpent gone.Rin must have killed it. Rin comes back looking like a zombie,n doha practically bams straight to him.Dont get it wrong,its not the first time meeting one,that one that looked like dancing,tackling,hugging,screaming hug but the slam onto chest relieve hug in kdramas.sadam goes mad n ...(useless parts,like kisan dumb spirit dialogue,and sadam swearing to kill them)

 kisan considers killing himself but eh?late grandmama comesw back.NOW,WTH?she explains she blah blah,what cross what bridge to after life,kisan made her worry,came back.okie sense into kisan n go back to death,i dont wanna see u mastermind of king plus queen murderer!kisan doesnt n yah,share hug.

later rin comes to see kisan,who looks more better,at least he is not mad n crazy.Rin returns the dumb flute which done nothing.come on!spent long time getting that useless piece of absolute junk.kisan who had sense back pass throne to rin.who is totally:wha...?!?YAY!Rin finally gets the throne,woohoo!kisan n rin kneel to each other,moo suk sees it all.ohhh,u gonna report the news?

urr,random guess is wrong:P its the ghosts who deliver the news!eek!ee,!but poor doha is surprised n sad,sigh.yes i knw,we knw... The stupid rule of shaman cant go with king,we knw that like already since The moon that embraces the sun?hyung sun:"that girl is a shaman"ARGH!Annoying. packs up already,gonna leave soon.well, r we just gonna let her go?hwang jin yi? rang tries to stop her,but u knw,tmtets has got that doha up,shamans should not go near kings.maybe try to become a human talisman like wol? doha asks for a favor to not let Rin knw she's gone.well,i got it:'(

green ghost tells Rin who sadly lets doha go.sigh,but at least moo suk comes along to stop doha.but rang stops him,if they really want to be together,they will be.tell me its not going to be in the freaking rooftop prince,or worse,gu family book style.

anyways, we get to Rin being king,boy does he look weird in that king garb.seriously.i miss prince rin... rin has a bunch of new rules set up,ruling well:)king hwon descendant?kisan thanks moo suk for protecting a horrible king.(kisan is good,yay)anyway,rin finds out rang is his mommy,tears all over again.that girl has some skillz.second kim yoo jung?

3 ghosts leave,leaving rin ghost gets to evil mini n forgives him.yah,turns out evil mini turned good:o just kinda dumb.bye bye adorable 3 ghosts!:'(

soo ryun n papa is forgiven n free.well,soo ryun wasn't so bad after all.Rin appoints Moo suk to be head of military,but moo suk declines,to be a night watchman:)Moo suk asks y rin let doha go.y.oh y r u rubbing salt in rin's broken heart?rin answers that's the best he can do.aww...

Rin visits sang hyeon...totally HAWT! he is married to traven lady n she is expecting!so cute!Moo suk is still up in the night watchman business but is stopped by rin. remember moo suk was brought back?yah,the deal rin promised was so that humans dont mess with ghosts.they put away all the weapons since after all they have no use.i feel sad tho.The night watchman will ever since be only a...legend...

Moo suk is gonna protect the borders,what he wanna do:)he visits soo ryun,working as a nurse like before she went suk should never be her cousin!bcos,they would make such a wonderful couple~!seriously!:)

We screen over to doha,now without that bird nest hair.woot? she looks well,prettier than before,and wistfully looks back,to see...rin!with a lot of guards a kiss gonna come with all that eyes?anyway,rin walks over,claiming he has something to return...hmm,is it that band?yes it is!he straps it on doha wrist...and a squeal~~~ring!oh yay! doha is going to become queen,right?!

rin pulls doha in a hug:):):)

End~we have rin tell us what happened as he flips the nightwatchman book,temple gone and serpent killed.the night watchman was disbanded.ARGH! then my fave team is gone 4ever!but good thing.the ghosts stopped existing in Josean.

                           THE END  

comments:okay.dumb ending.why is there not a kiss?!?arghgghbut this drama ep has less randomness,the writer finally woke up.whew!


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A definite thanks to 100 viewers on TNWM post recap!

seriously!THX SO MUCH 4 all the viewership!So,i decided i blog ep 23!
Hope yah all enjoy it!:)

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im not sure if i wanna do another recap....