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AHHH~~~well,my psle is tomorrow but ahhh since we reached 200 viewers,then lets recap! FOLLOW ME ON OUR BEAUTIFUL GHOST HUNTERS!!
LOL LETS GOoooooo!!!

The night watchman recap ep 16
Today marks our couple first kiss:) and our good turned bad Rin:(
Im surprised to the turn of events but yah lets gooo

So we pull in as we see Rin sleeping peacefully until that stupid eyeliner ghost comes. He does some weird thing to Rin apparently he is possessing Rin. Anyways,that eyeliner ghost is that stupid sadam sent man,ghost of tragedy but im gonna name him eyeliner man seriously he does some good job to those eyes.freak.

Rin wakes up going EVIL!!!HELP!!!Someone???urrr,maybe those 3 ghosts outside?At least the ghosts come to check on Rin only to find him alright?Rin just go:what the? before falling down to sleep.socute!

In the morning,we see Rin who has not been evil YET, walking alongside with the king.the mad king.mad king goes all proud describing how "amazing" the pagoda will be,piercing through the sky.Hopefully that thing does not collapse,im pretty sure that dragon will knock the pagoda down.and thats how the josean might end. bah,Rin tells that mad king that the people are not that happy as him.mad king goes all protective.bleh.Grandmama has a talk with that prime minister saying to remove sadam.duh,that evil mini goes like ahhh...he's GREAT!rather say he's afraid mad king steals he's going to be fiance,sadam.
rin goes convincing other tavern guy to join his team.tavern guy go all nonono. Aww come on!Rin managed to convince cold guy so u going to?please?with a ice kacang on top?

Our two good friends heads to Dolly(sadam playdoll)to urr nurrr... care about her.when will Doha knw that Dolly is her sis??

 There our 2 friends.good thing cold guy wanna help Doha:) he's kind of adorable!

And the not good thing comes...NOONONONONONOOOO
can u spot that evil Rin???He gone mad!~!~
Pls tell me im dreaming...
he drags the sword to the palace...
u r not gonna to kill mad king right?!?
Noooo!!!i mean no matter how much that mad ass hurt u, dont kill him...ARGH!
bad thing is Rin kind of barged into the mad king chamber and mad king is totally flirting with a bunch of giseangs.eww.never mind just kill him.LOL
AND HE DOES!!sadam tells him....
"THE THRONE IS YOURS!!!MUAHAHHAA!!!"yes i over exaggerated  theres no crazy laugh like that bad.
lucky thing is Rin's dreamin!!!YAY!he trembles in fright...
aww i wish Doha was right beside him;(

Later,Sadam proposes:Will u mad king marry me?i wil leave that beast!(evil mini)
Mad King:*squeals...YES!!!LETS DO IT!!!
okay then they are gonna have a wedding with evil spirits surrounding them as they kiss.
SORRY! my story kind of went in i mean err,taylor swift told sadam:romeo save me,evil mini trying to get me!
thats why sadam cant wait and pops the q.  vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h29m05s149
Okay fine sadam just told mad king to allow him to have a stupid ceremony to send the vengeful spirits up to heaven.LIKE REAL.
our ghost hunters never discuss bout Rin needin to be in charge of the leaning tower of evil dragon since cold guy goes by the book,u cant change the royal order anyway.Sigh.
moo suk and sang hyun has a friendly fight (phew!)
Moo Suk worries since he cant see or know ghosts r around him without the compass.Sang Hyun surprise me! he could not see ghosts at first! OH WOW!So, cold guy can see later on, if he dedicates himself to the task,well a loyal guy means a night watchman.and hotties.So may i join?i will urr...follow?

Evil beep,soo ryun goes to meet grandmama,with a bunch of disgusting cardboard like herbs,can u even chew them?Anyway,she uses the chance to convince Grandmama to let her marry Rin.No u beep.NEVER!!!My Rin belongs to DOHA!(and me~:3)Not u beep!!!vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h30m31s243
she tells papa aka evil mini that she gonna marry Rin.for once im gonna side with evil mini, U CANT MARRY HIM!HE'S ALL MINE!!!

Rin cleans his sword in secret meeting room.u did not go mad killing right?but if u do,make sure u kill that beep.FIRST.i got a list of ppl i want Evil Rin to kill.XP
Doha comes to see Rin in pain. a headache,i think,or a love ache?eh?She slaps her hand on both of their foreheads,oohhhh...
LOVE IS THE MOMENT!~~~i need the heirs ost playing RIGHT now.Lovesick doofus rin grabs Doha hand and holds it tightlky as Doha covers both their hands with her spare hand and a smile:)
sang hyun sees it is the moment?</3heartbreak.but really whats that face 4???Anyone explain this.vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h30m58s1
So,We havelike 5~10 mins wasted to the wedding.Im not gonna explain it all cos its plain stupid.i thought that bamboo stick with a snake around it broke,y is it there?does sadam have super glue or what?Sadam calls and chants:blahhhblahhhshwqhwkssuhywdiuewuhsuhdsjds.
And unusual clouds err,spirits  go around and ppl near Doha disappears.WHY???EXPLAIN THIS?!?!vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h31m42s170
Snake stick sucks the clouds spirits and boom.the place okay.err...what.babble babble of mad king and wife(sadam)

But that stupid freak go curse rin when moo suk and him going out.Rin has very bad migraine ,faints. urp.Help???
At home,3 ghosts are remembered by moo suk who tells them to keep an eye on Rin.Rin tells moo suk to look for sadam.
but moo suk goes to meeting room.hey!look for sadam leh?u so 4getful meh???
he tells group what happen.oh,thats why now go?
Doha is worried(duh) and goes to rin house.rin was sleeping but when doha and 3 ghosts come in,PHOOF!
where's my hottie???OH NO.He's gone EVIL.AHHHHHH!!!dsjnjhgfudg9 angry annoyed keyboard smash.
hello.u 3! how u take care one???? go carry a bucket of water on ur heads,make u so damn afraid.ghosts cant touch water i yah move along.

 too bad, BAD evil eyeliner team meets and discuss i they have a life supply of them?i suspect the place sells make up tho,instead of they bomb some on rin.damn it u guys.i wanna kill them, pass me my sword.
Evil Rin bcomes such a dumbass.he goes yah yah ,bloddy letter is fake and also wants to marry that.ARGHGHHF!!!!BEEP!@!@
Evil mini is like:GOD.
Sadam:hehe.a love wait square.

i will kill u with the moonlight !!!!!!

At soo ryun house,evil rin goes there,all lovey dovey in the evil way.he goes all sorry and polls that beep to a hug.F***!Bad thing was Doha n moo suk goes finding for rin to see that beep hugging rin.NOOO!!THAT *splutters FUC*KING... BIT*H!!!

Doha all heart broken runs off.vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h36m48s171
argh,im gonna...idk kill her?or strangle her?as long as i willthink off the worst way to kill her.write in comments!!!

Doha runs to the river where moosuk and her once met n doha and rin once hugged place and splashes water on her face.:(poor least moo suk comes to comfort her.vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h37m14s171
If rin is bad,im gonna ask u to go ahead n like him.but right now all no.

moo suk goes storming to rin:U! suckar!
okay fine he's like why r u hurting Doha even though he says he's gonna take responsibility for her.sigh.look at the compass,see that he's possessed ,cure him?Evil Rin shoots back with a good comeback.why isnt he loyal to the king,eh?shut up.i like u rin but not now.Upon reaching home, Rin points his sword at 3 ghosts, back to ep 3.T.T
ARGH. why?

Evil Rin now at night stares at papa wrist band.and hears stupid voices,like rin's father.Rin' father was also like rin lets just rewind everything that happened.AGAIN.
1.evil rin goes finding sang hyun,totally convinced that his mom had an affair with him so lashes sword at him.OH NOES!!!MOO SUK??? stop sadam hunting!!come now! ASAP.
2.sang hyun fights same way.
3. moo suk comes like sang hyun last time.
TADA. see that every happens AGAIN.
Moo suk blocks rin from attacking injured sang hyun and evil rin gets mad.he shouts that he wont 4give anyone that blocks him.
okay.we get it.MOO SUK! the talismans!

stupid stubborn ghost doesnt wanna leave.argh

rin faints sigh~help him...

Sang hyun gets out with ways or rather a dumb not working tattoo way.vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h45m37s84

At least we see the back... im so sick.
Doha dont wanna lose hope and begs for another way,sure.sang hyun is a dictionary of night watchman.

Out team r standing outside.with doha obviously gone.and duh,rin.DO U THINK WHAT IM THINKIN???
A kiss???or hug???or something?*raises eye brow hehe.

Inside we see rin lying there,looks dead to me blehhh...
But Doha is there,voice over of dictionary:only the minemaial- duunno-how-to-spell-flower can save the prince.the one the king brought back was corrupted with baddies so only shaman of mago can purify it...hmmm..okay,lets see then!DOHA!U CAN DO IT!!!
YAY!!U CAN!!!i believe in u!!!
(sucks out bad cloudies)chant chant chant chant...
after a llloooonnngggggg chant,flower blooms again so pretty.
WOW.that light reminds me of light from tmtets heo yeom XP

OMG!Rin thanks Doha for saving him and hugs her very need so tight!i knw u miss her but what about me??Urr hello???    HAHA! then they stare into each other love sick doofus eyes and i dont think i need to say anything.look down.

That was cool!and blurry at least heres one that is clearer!vlcsnap-2014-09-24-11h47m00s142

Yes that's a wrap!I cant believe they packed SO MUCH into an ep!
this is my fav ep so far:)FIGHTING!!
What i hate to happen
i wont like if that promise to marry rin still stands.SAY NO!!!
Ep ratings to me out of 10:9.9/10
Yes 0.1 is lost to that hugging beep scene.if not THIS IS THE BEST ENDING SO FAR!!!
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