Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hey!im Mallowyay,nice to meet yah! so well,this blog is to blog up my days!plus stuff like game reviews,drama reviews...!!! hehe!
hey!im saying that again...T.T anyways..have a great time lookin at my blog... i wont stop u!
BUT.there are rules right?

  • No cyberbullying includes rude comments
  • duh no advertisements unless u think its worth seeing or high likely i will be mentioning u on the next post...n NOT in a nice way OR i will flag it as abuse or spam.AND delete it.its not gonna be nice anyway.SO im watching U!
  • no bad words.leave it as @!#? or something...
OK!thats all!have a great time reading my blog!i wont force u to follow me or whatever,but do leave a positive note!
ps:if u r a teenager,a girl. but pls do consider my feelings yah?im a SINGAPOREAN!so i may write some singlish,hope u dont mind!

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